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Homes for the Holidays 2016

Posted: Nov 26 2016

This year Mood Design Studio and Custom Spaces by Cristalee have joined forces to style a home for the annual Homes for The Holidays in support of our local United Way. We knew it was going to be a big job but we were up for the challenge!

If you've never participated in a Homes for the Holidays tour before then you might not know what I'm talking about. Homes for the Holidays is a holiday event that essentially kicks off the season here in Kamloops and in many other cities in Canada. It brings together designers, community organizations, retailers and volunteers who work together to bring you 5 fully decked out homes to feast your eyes upon while gathering holiday decor inspiration all while supporting a great cause!

We were appointed a beautiful (albeit large) home on the river with spectacular views and a clean minimalist palette which was fantastic because it gave us essentially a blank canvas to work with. We decided to go with a Scandinavian theme throughout the home since we love the simple, clean, geometric, and organic feel of Nordic interiors. Think LOTS or fresh greenery, black and white geometric shapes, and layers of fur and texture.

*CAUTION- when one uses a lot of fur in a design, one may have wild dreams about people who pretend to sell you cute, fluffy puppies only to realize that these people are skinning these cute fluffy puppies to make pillows and rugs...and then to your horror you realize that your husband has been purchasing these fluffy puppy rugs to adorn his man cave...or maybe that's just me. :o

Each of the designers on the tour were designated 2-3 stores to use for all of the decorations needed to style the homes. We were given Urban Barn and Costco, and of course we used our MOOD throws throughout the home as well. Urban Barn is typically quite contemporary (which is really just another name for "current") and Scandinavian style is a bit of a trend right now so we were able to find a lot to work with. Costco is where we got our lighting from and we even borrowed a foosball table (which Cristalee put together all by herself!)

We actually borrowed quite a bit of furniture from Urban Barn as well which we had to move up and down a spiral staircase and upon awakening this morning every joint in my body ached as a result!

We did a LOT of cedar garland (a whole spiral staircase full plus window valances in each bedroom, ensuite and kitchen) to cedar wreaths, an advent calendar, wooden snowflakes, an evergreen curtain and a TONNE of these geometric Scandinavian decorations called Himmeli.

We were asked to do a DIY segment for go! on Shaw TV so we demonstrated the art of himmeli for you here: Shaw TV DIY Himmeli and here's a little behind the scenes blooper reel ;): Blooper Reel

I wish I could show pictures in this post but that might spoil it for the people who purchased tickets. I'll be sure to post some as soon as I get the professional shots from Lisa Novak Photography







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