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DIY Himmeli Ornaments

Posted: Nov 17 2016

We are gearing up for the Christmas season here at MOOD and as you know, we have a strong admiration for all things Scandinavian. You've probably seen some cool geometric ornaments floating around Pinterest lately because we sure have and we are smitten with this new trend! These ornaments, called Himmeli, have a Finnish origin and were originally made with natural straw, but you can actually make them out of anything from brass tubing to cocktail straws which is what we are going to use today.

These ornaments may look intimidating and difficult to make but, in fact, they are very easy and quick to make and there are only a few supplies you need to get your craft underway.

Supply List:

  1. Cocktail Straws (thinner than regular straws and usually shorter). You can find these at a party supply store or grocery supply store. We found these ones at The Grocery People
  2. Floral Wire (28 Gauge works well) You can find it at Michaels
  3. Scissors

Now grab a glass of wine and get cozy with a pal cause it's time to get our Scandi on!

Step 1 - Cut your straws into two different sizes

Step 2 - Unravel approx 3 feet of wire from the spool and cut

Step 3 - Take one of the shorter pieces of straw and string it onto the wire bending the  end of the wire so it doesn't slide off.

Step 4 - Thread 2 more of the short pieces onto the wire.

Step 5 - Make a triangle with the 3 pieces.

Step 6 - Twist the wire to secure the straws

Step 7 - Add two more short pieces of straw

Step 8 - Twist around the wire at the top of the triangle to secure

Step 9 - Take the wire back through the top of one of the straws and pull it out of the bottom.

Step 10 - Add one more short piece of straw to complete the top part of the prism and secure by wrapping the wire once more.

Step 11 - Add your first of the longer straws

Step 12 - Repeat previous steps to make bottom prism

Step 13 - Pull the wire through to which ever end you wish to hang the ornament by and twist to secure a loop.

You're all done!

There are many shapes and sizes of himmelis. Try experimenting with different sizes or colors of straw or trying a 4 sided or even 5 sided himmeli by adding more triangles to the initial steps!

My good friend Cristalee Brinkworth from Custom Spaces by Cristalee and I will be using a tonne of these in the house we are designing as part of the Homes for the Holidays tour coming up November 26th and 27th!





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